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Brewing Systems

Brewing Systems

Let us build a complete brewing system for you, or just get the parts you need to assemble one yourself.

Our latest line of Wort Hog Electric Brewery Controllers will take your beers to a whole new level.  

For information on electric brewing, click here.

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Price: $1,199.00
Complete Electric Brew in a Bag (BIAB) Brewing System.

Brew 10 gallon batches up to OG: 1.060, 5 gallon batches with OG: 1.1+

Features Blichmann BoilCoil and our Wort Hog EBC-130
Price: $1,099.00
System designed for maximum performance from 120V outlet.

Well suited for net batch sizes up to 5 gallons.

Features 2250W Blichmann BoilCoil and our Wort Hog EBC-130 (120V)

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