SKU: 1666
Weight: 3 lbs 13 ozs
Brand: Muntons
Malt Format: Liquid Malt Extract
Malt Type: Dark
Maltster: Muntons
Price: $17.99
LME Muntons Dark
LME Muntons Dark
Liquid Malt Extract

Chocolate malt, crystal malt and pale malt is used in the manufacture of Muntons dark malt extract. Ideal for recipes designed to brew Milds, porters and Stouts.
Typical analyses when canned
Colour (EBC Units)
50 - 60
Bitterness (EBU's)
Solids (by refractometer)
80% - 82%
Acidity (as lactic)
1% max
5 - 6
Free Amino Nitrogen
One of our best selling malt extracts.
3.3 lb tin
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