Wyeast Bohemian Ale Blend (Jan-Mar)

SKU: XL1087
Weight: 0 lbs 6 ozs
Brand: Wyeast
Dry or Liquid: Liquid
Manufacturer: Wyeast
Attenuation: Moderate
Flocculation: Med-High
Fermentation Range: Lager or Ale
Price: $6.99
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This is a Wyeast Private Collection strain and is produced from January to March.

Formerly known as Wyeast Ale Blend 1540-PC, this is a blend of the best ale strains to provide quick starts, good flavor, and good flocculation. The profile of these strains provides a balanced finish for British and American style ales
Flocculation: medium-high
Alcohol Tolerance: approximately 11% ABV
Apparent attenuation: 71-75%.
Temperature Range: 64-72°F (17-22° C)
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