High Gravity Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies
SKU: L13
Weight: 0 lbs 12 ozs
Dry or Liquid: Liquid
Manufacturer: Imperial Organinc
Attenuation: Moderate-High
Flocculation: Low-Med
Fermentation Range: Lager
Price: $9.99
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The world’s most popular lager strain is ready for you. Global is an all-around solid lager strain that produces clean beers with a very low ester profile. This strain is very powdery, so long lagering times or filtration is required for bright beer.

2124 Bohemian

Assumed Origin: Weihenstephan

Temp: 46-56F, 8-13C
Flocculation: Medium-Low
Attenuation: 73-77%

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