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Bootleg Biology S. arlingtonesis™

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Bootleg Biology S. arlingtonesis™
Bootleg Biology S. arlingtonesis™
Source: Isolated from wild yeast starter jar in Arlington, VA using Bootleg Biology’s Capture Method #1.

S. arlingtonesis™ is Bootleg Biology's flagship Local Yeast Project™ strain. The very first culture added to their bank, and a WILD-sourced Lager strain.

This culture ferments extremely clean in the 50’s F (lagers) & 60’s F (Kolsch and Lager hybrids), and has subtle fruity/citrus esters in the higher end of the Ale fermentation range (wheat-centric beers). May produce sulfur aromas during primary fermentation, but those will be eliminated within a couple weeks (allow longer aging if fermenting at lower temperatures). S. arlingtonesis is a higher attenuator than most ale strains, so adjustments made need to be made to grain bills or mash temperatures if a drier beer is not preferred.

"produced a very refreshing and drinkable weizenbier” – Greg Kitsock, Mid Atlantic Brewing News

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