Wyeast Lactobacillus brevis (April-June)

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Brand: Wyeast
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Dry or Liquid: Liquid
Manufacturer: Wyeast
Flocculation: n/a
Flocculation: n/a
Fermentation Range: Ale
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 Wyeast Lactobacillus brevis (April-June)
Wyeast Lactobacillus brevis (April-June)
This is a Wyeast Private Strain and is available April through June.

Beer Styles: Berliner Weisse, Geuze, Flemish Red & Brown Ales, American Sour Ales

Profile: Unlike most lactic acid bacteria used in brewing, Lactobacillus brevis will tolerate higher levels of IBUs in wort. 5223 will produce alcohol along with lactic acid during fermentation. Excellent for remixing the profile in a Lambic-style or Flanders sour ale, or for kettle souring wort for a balanced Berliner Weisse.

Alc. Tolerance 9% ABV
Temp. Range
60-95°F (16-35°C)

Please note: It is highly recommended that a cold pack be purchased when ordering liquid yeast. High Gravity cannot guarantee the viability of liquid yeast if it fails to work unless it was purchased with a cold pack. You can add it to the order by checking the cold pack box near the bottom of the page before adding the yeast to the cart.

Direct Pitch Activator™ 125ml Package
Activator™ packages are designed for direct inoculation of 5 gallons of standard* wort. Activator™ packages contain live yeast cells in a liquid slurry. This yeast slurry is packaged in an optimum condition for storage, while maintaining the ability for rapid and complete fermentation.

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