Wort Hog 3-Vessel │ 10 gallon

This is a complete HERMS system based on 15 gallon vessels with customizable options.

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Standard Features
Electric Brewery Controllers: Wort Hog EBC-330
Power Plug Type: 4 Prong Plug (NEMA 14-30, 14-50)
Hot Liquor Tanks: 15.5 Gallon │Bayou Classic HLT
Plumbing Package: Plumbing Package with Cam-lock Connectors
Pumps: Pump │ RipTide™
Mash Tuns: Spike │ 15 Gallon 2 Coupler Vertical
Mash Tun Options: Autosparge
Brew Kettles: Bayou Classic Brew Kettle │ 15.5 Gallon
Chillers: Chiller │ Plate │ Shirron
Brewing Systems: Wort Hog Systems
Capacity: 10 Gallons
Manufacturer: Wort Hog
Price: $2,593.20
 Wort Hog 3-Vessel │  10 gallon
Wort Hog 3-Vessel │ 10 gallon
SKU: TK-15
Weight: 0 lbs 1 ozs
Let us build a controller for you, drill all of the holes, and put together a complete kit that you can assemble in an hour or so.

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We have selected the most popular options for a system sized for 5 and 10 gallon batches with upgrade options for the vessels.

We have the best guarantee in the business.  We will take care of any problem with the controller as long as you own it.  We will even cover the cost of returning it during the first year (contiguous US). 

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Careless operation can result in serious injury or death.  This equipment is sold as an experimental kit, to be assembled by the user. It is not a UL approved consumer electronic device.

High Gravity assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by operation of this system.

Please note that these are custom built at the time of ordering. Delivery may take up to 15 business days. OVERNIGHT SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE.

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