Winemaker Magazine's Guide to Wine Kits

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Winemaker Magazine's Guide to Wine Kits

In this Winemaker Magazine special issue they've collected and updated the best wine kit information from the past 8 years of Tim Vandergrift's WineMaker columns and stories.  Content includes 80 pages of information on the equipment you'll need, selecting a kit, what's in the box, troubleshooting, cellaring, and much more.  This is a must-own reference for the person just starting to make wine from kits as well as the experienced kit winemaker looking to get the most out of their kit wine.  

Topics covered are:

  • How to make your first kit wine 
  • Learn about the gear you need and what's in the wine kit box
  • Keys to a great fermentation
  • Troubleshooting, including preventative tips and kit first aid
  • Advanced kit winemaking techniques
  • Fundamentals of cellaring and enjoying your kit wine

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