Triclover Weldless Bulkhead Flange - 1.5"

Weight: 0 lbs 7 ozs
Price: $29.95
Triclover Weldless Bulkhead Flange - 1.5"
Triclover Weldless Bulkhead Flange - 1.5"
The 1-1/2" Triclover (TC) weldless bulkhead flange allows you to add a TC port to any tank or kettle with no welding or soldering. Just drill a hole and tighten the locknut.

The flange measures 2". The overall length is just under 1". The ID is 1-3/8". The short length of this ferrule makes it possible to use ripple style heating elements and not have the foldback make contact with the ferrule.

Brewhardware has tested this on a pot measuring as small as 12" in diameter. Larger diameters or flat areas are not an issue.

  • High quality machined out of 304SS.
  • Ripple style elements fit into these with NO PROBLEM at all when using the ETC3 Hot Pods as the element housing/adapter.
  • The silicone O-ring is included and gets captured in a groove like our other True Bulkheads.

Installation Notes:

Hole Size Required - 1-5/8" or 41mm. Note that the most pleasant tool to use for this is a knockout punch set. Since they are extremely cost prohibitive, the next best option is our tungsten carbide hose saw (40mm). After deburring the 40mm hole, the result is a clean 41mm hole. See the accessories column on the right for the bit.

The oring contact is on the flange side of the fitting so make sure there are no burrs on that side of the hole.

The lock nut hex measures 2-1/16" or 52mm. Turning it with an adjustable wrench does NOT work well. You'll need a socket or a box wrench. Since these tools are very rare, we offer a socket as an accessory. It requires a 1/2" drive ratchet.

The front of the flange does not have flats for a wrench. The easiest way to hold the front of the flange for tightening is to clamp any other TC part on with the gasket and clamp (a blank cap works great). Once tight, you can insert a long rod or screw driver into the hole of the wingnut.

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