Spike Temperature Control Coil

Weight: 4 lbs 4 ozs
Manufacturer: Spike Brewing
Price: $0.00
These USA made temp control coils are specifically designed for the Spike CF series conicals and extend far enough into the conical to temp control both full and half batches. Used in conjunction with a temp controller this temp control coil will help manage your fermentation temps, allow for lagering and cold crashing.

Spike's temp coil simply drops through the top of the lid and quickly attaches with a standard TC clamp. This is a huge improvement over conicals using coils mounted in the side wall. This quick attaching method allows you to lift the coil up slightly to pitch yeast, add hops, etc. The coils are spaced with a sufficient gap for easy cleaning. Simply CIP the conical or soak in brewery wash to easily clean.

The temp coil is also a part of Spike's TC100 Temp Control System that includes everything you need to control your fermentation temperatures. 

Detailed TC-100 product guide:
Product Guide.pdf

-4" TC
-3/8" tubing
-Specifically designed for each size
-Made in the USA
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