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Spike Brewing

Spike Brewing
Spike Brewing LLC was founded by Ben Caya, a 2012 graduate of UW-Milwaukee with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. We're proudly located in Milwaukee, WI; the beer capital of the US with a proud manufacturing history. Spike Brewing was started five years ago to make a few extra bucks for Ben's weekend beer fund. It was a semi full time job throughout college which has grown into a nationally recognized brand with a highly skilled staff working out of our facility in Milwaukee. 

What sets Spike apart from other companies is how they sanitary TIG weld couplers (for connecting valves, thermometers, etc). Spike does that very specialized welding right here in the USA at their facility. Most companies use weld-less fittings which Spike believes is an inferior way to attach ball valves, thermometers and sight glasses. Weld-less fittings rely on o-rings to create a leak free seal (as opposed to our welds). Weld-less fittings are more finicky to install, have more parts to clean and will eventually need to have o-rings replaced. 

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