Selection White Zinfandel California

SKU: 3250
Weight: 40 lbs
Units in Stock: 1
Manufacturer: Winexpert
Wine Kit Timeframe: 6 Week Wine Kit
Wine Body: Medium
Wine Color: Blush
Wine Sweetness: Off-Dry
Oak Intensity: None
Labels: Not Included
Grape Origin: California
Wine Varietal: Zinfandel (Primitivo)
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Selection White Zinfandel California
Selection White Zinfandel California
This blush favorite displays the trademark pink hues and a soft, refreshing taste that make it particularly enjoyable as a chilled delight on a summer afternoon.

16 liters / 4.2 US Gallons, Yields 23 liters / 6 US Gallons.

Ready to bottle in 6 weeks

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