Regulator │ Dual Gauge Taprite

SKU: 03D03-113
Weight: 3 lbs
Taprite Dual-Gauge regulator with control knob.
Price: $82.95
Regulator │ Dual Gauge Taprite
Regulator │ Dual Gauge Taprite

With two gauges this kegerator regulator can display the pressure going into the keg and also tell you how much CO2 is left in your air tank.

CO2 regulator provides distribution for one keg and is equipped with a nonadjustable "shut down” that blows off excess gas at 55-65 PSI. There’s also a convenient air shut off switch for when the gas tank isn’t in use.


  • CO2 distribution to one keg at a time
  • Air shut off switch
  • Flow control inlet nipple filter
  • Screw pressure adjustment
  • Bleeder valve safety will not allow pressure to exceed 55 to 65 PSI

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