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Weight: 1 lbs
Manufacturer: Blichmann
Price: $19.99
Quick Release Chiller Bracket for LTE Stand
Quick Release Chiller Bracket for LTE Stand
Quick Release Chiller Bracket for LTE Stand
Quick Release Chiller Bracket for LTE Stand
Quick Release Chiller Bracket for LTE Stand
Quick Release Chiller Bracket for LTE Stand
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Product Details
Innovative quick release design.  Makes installing and removing Therminator chiller a breeze.

Click here to download the current TOWER of POWERâ„¢ manual. The free communication software can be downloaded on the Software tab. We encourage you to thoroughly read this manual prior to purchase to ensure that your system will function as expected when coupled with the TOWER of POWERâ„¢ control system.

Assembly Video

Operational Video


This Communication software is free to download for use with the TOWER of POWERâ„¢ control system. Use for any other purpose or product is strictly prohibited! If you are not comfortable with using computers and/or do not like experimenting or tinkering with your system, this is probably not a feature you should explore. In any case, we highly recommend you master operating the product in manual mode first before attempting to operate in auto ramp/soak mode.

This software will allow you to access such advanced features of the product as automatic mash profile ramping. This software is for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 only. A Mac version is not available.

Important: Phone / technical support for this advanced feature is unavailable through Blichmann Engineering. Should you have questions or need troubleshooting, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the TOWER of POWERâ„¢ for assistance. We strongly recommend reviewing the online videos (below) prior to purchasing the optional cable to connect your PC to the TOWER of POWERâ„¢ controller. Note that this cable is not a simple USB cable. It converts the instrument's RS485 protocol to USB via an embedded chip in the cable. While the COM cable will work on nearly every Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 machine, we cannot guarantee that it will plug and play out of the box due to the large variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. If it does not immediately load, you can download the cable drivers below. If you still require assistance, please contact your retailer or a PC professional.

Driver for Windows 32 Bit: >>> Com_Cable_Driver-Windows-32bit.zip <<<

Driver for Windows 64 Bit: >>> Com_Cable_Driver-Windows-64bit.zip <<<

Click the link below to download the TOP-Link software:
>>> TOP-Link Ver2-00 <<<

TOP-Link Software Video PART 1

TOP-Link Software Video PART 2

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