Quick Disconnect │ Camlock B

Weight: 0 lbs 6 ozs
Connector Type: Camlock
Price: $7.95
Quick Disconnect │ Camlock B
Quick Disconnect │ Camlock B
Type B - Female QD Coupling to Male 1/2" NPT.

These are usually installed on the more portable or "mobile" end. The type B can be coupled to a garden hose adapter to backflush plate chillers or to fill vessels with fresh brewing water. There are probably other good uses.

Brewhardware's stainless steel Camlock style disconnects (sometimes called cam and groove) are the best compromise between cost and function for making and breaking connections between your vessels, chillers, pumps and hose sets. Eventually you get tired of pushing tubing onto hose barbs and adjusting worm gear clamps. These are cheaper than triclovers and all other stainless steel quick disconnect designs. Best of all, they are milspec standard around the world so you'll never get stuck with a single vendor's proprietary disconnect system and have trouble adding on to it several years down the road.

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