Pump │ RipTide™ Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your March™ or Chugger™ pump to have the RipTide™ tri-clamp housing and accessories.
Price: $109.99
Pump │ RipTide™ Upgrade Kit
Pump │ RipTide™ Upgrade Kit
Pump │ RipTide™ Upgrade Kit
Pump │ RipTide™ Upgrade Kit
Pump │ RipTide™ Upgrade Kit
Pump │ RipTide™ Upgrade Kit
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SKU: RipTide-Upgrade
Weight: 5 lbs
The RipTide™ Upgrade Kit will fit the following pumps below.

Chugger™ March™
CPSS-IN-1 (115V) 809-BR-HS
CPSS-IN-2 (230V) 809-PL-HS
CPSS-CI-1 (115V) 809-SS-HS
CPSS-CI-2 (230V) 809-BR-HS-C
CPPS-IN-1 (115V) 809-PL-HS-C
TCPSS-IN (115/230V) 809-SS-HS-C
TCPSS-CI (115/230V) 809-BR












The new riptide pump out flows the competition while running at three times the efficiency!* When the flow rate decreases, the pressure goes up to provide a better whirlpool for cleaner wort, faster chilling, and a quicker transfer than ever before. Due to the curved vane impeller, you can pump over a gallon per minute faster at the same pressure as the competition’s pump. 

*Based on hydraulic horsepower comparisons between a widely common home brewing pump and the new RipTide pump.  



Chugger™ & March 815™

Steelhead 2.0™

Motor type Enclosed Open Enclosed
Water resistance Excellent Poor Excellent
Bearings Ball, permanantly lubed Bushings (requires lubrication) Ball, permanantly lubed
Switch Water-tight, included on base None None
Base Large stable base Medium, tips easily None
Cord wrap Yes None None
Flow control valve Linear Flow Valve (included) None None
Pump head material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel or Plastic Stainless Steel
Disassembly No tools, seconds 8 screws 8 screws
Head orientation positions Infinite 4 positions 4 positions
Priming Priming vent valve included None None
Impeller Partially enclosed curved blade Open straight Curved blade
Cord length 10 ft 6ft 6ft
Noise level Ultra quiet Noisy Very quiet
Pressure (ft of lift) 21ft 18ft 16ft
Flow (max) 7 GPM 7 GPM 7 GPM
Price $199.99 $149.99 $149.99
Price with valve and nipple Included! Not available $184.99


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