SKU: OYL9000
Weight: 4 lbs 4 ozs
Brand: Briess

Propper Starter concentrated wort makes it easy to give your yeast the proper start when preparing high gravity brews, cold-pitched lagers, yeast packs nearing expiration and whenever a starter is recommended. No more measuring messy DME. No more waiting to boil and cool. Just mix one can with an equal amount of purified water in a sanitized flask to produce one liter of ready starter wort. For increasing biomass and vitality in your yeast, Prop It Up™ with a can of Propper Starter!

Recommended Use
One (1) can of Propper Starter makes one liter (1L) starter

Package size: 16oz 4-pack
Malt Format: Liquid Malt Extract
Malt Type: Rye
Maltster: Briess
Price: $15.99
Propper Starter
Propper Starter
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