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Plumbing Package Without Pump

Price: $215.00
Plumbing Package Without Pump
Plumbing Package Without Pump
Weight: 4 lbs
The plumbing package includes a Pre-Assembled Input Manifold, a complete set High Flow Quick-Connectors, 15 ft. of Silicone tubing and other necessary fittings to tie the system together.

The Polysulfone QD's are the default disconnect because of the auto-shutoff feature that prevents all of the liquid from falling out of the system when disconnected, and the 90 degree elbow connectors which are great for tight turns and work nicely as a swivel.

If you prefer to have the stainless steel QD's, you can select them below.  We'll even add a 2-piece ball valve to the mash tun side of the input manifold to close before disconnecting when it's time to sparge.

Please note: This item ships with a $5 handling charge per item.
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