Omega Lutra® Kveik Dry Yeast

Weight: 0 lbs 1 ozs
Strain Type: Norwegian Kveik
Dry or Liquid: Dry
Manufacturer: Omega
Attenuation: High
Flocculation: Med-High
Fermentation Range: Ale
Price: $11.99
Omega Lutra® Kveik Dry Yeast
Omega Lutra® Kveik Dry Yeast
The same shockingly clean Lutra® that you love in liquid form is now available in a convenient dry format. Isolated from Omega's Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091) culture, Lutra also has unrivaled speed when pitched at 90°F (32°C). The strain is perfect for brewing a refreshing pseudo-lager without the lead time of a lager. Lutra is your worry-free way to navigate the evolving demand for cold ones.

Dried Lutra’s clean canvas, huge temperature range, high alcohol tolerance, and fast finishing speeds means unrivaled flexibility and versatility for nearly any style. For a refreshing pseudo-lager or a huge imperial stout — for any reason you’re using a neutral dry yeast, use Dried Lutra and get more, faster.

Recommended Pitch Rate:
60 – 120 g/bbl (50 – 100 g/hL)
Dried Lutra is a gluten-free product.
11g Package

Omega Yeast’s metabolically healthy cells produce vigorous fermentation and consistent results for Probrewers and Homebrewers alike.

Strain Type: Norwegian Kveik

Flocculation: Medium-High
Attenuation: 75-82%
Temperature Range: 68-95° F (20-35° C)
Alcohol Tolerance: 15% ABV

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