Oak Cubes │ Hungarian Medium

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Oak Cubes │ Hungarian Medium
Oak Cubes │ Hungarian Medium
Hungarian and Eastern European oak is the same type of oak tree as French Oak (Quercus robur). European Oak is commonly considered the midway point between American and French Oak.

Use on full-bodied varieties such as Malbec and Petite Verdot. These wines are strong enough to ‘hold up’ to the richer nutty flavors the wood imparts on the finished wine.

Cubes allow winemakers to impart terrific oak flavor and aroma to wines aged in glass carboys, plastic buckets, or steel tanks. Use a single variety or create your own custom blend of different toasts and woods.

Suggested dose is 1 - 3 oz per five gallons; can be added during fermentation or aging. Extended contact of 1-3 months is recommended when using oak cubes.

1 oz package.
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