Munich Malt │ Light │ Avangard │ 55 lb

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Weight: 60 lbs
Maltster: Avangard
Grain Type: Bulk Bags
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Munich Malt │ Light │ Avangard │ 55 lb
Munich Malt │ Light │ Avangard │ 55 lb
Base malt for enhanced dark beer body and aroma.

• Dark Lagers
• Dark Beer
• Bock Beer
• Octoberfest Beer
• Stout
• Schwarzbier"
• Brown Ale
• Dark Ale
• Amber Beer


Color °L

Usage Rate %


to 100

AVANGARD MALZ AG is 100% owned by BANK AVANGARD and was established in 2006. The company operates four plants at different locations in Germany and with a capacity of 340,000 mt/a is the biggest malting company in the country. The malting plants are located close to both customers and raw material supplies. Three plants have direct access to major European waterways and thus are connected to the major export ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

Large bags are not available crushed.

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