Let's Brew! Homebrew Starter Kit │ Basic

Weight: 12 lbs 7 ozs
Price: $99.99

You love beer, right? Can you follow a recipe? Do you like to cook? Well then, you can brew your beer!


High Gravity makes it easy to get started. Our Let's Brew! Homebrew Starter Kit has all the basics to get started. We even include your first batch of beer. In just a few weeks you will be drinking 2 cases of tasty beer that you made yourself.

You can also upgrade your capper or add a brew pot.

Agata Bench Capper (Adds $24) Fermenter - Bucket 6.5 GallonBench bottle cappers are typically faster and more stable than double-handle cappers.

Press the button to adjust the height to the bottle being capped. Accommodates any bottle from 4” to 12” tall including champagne bottles.
Super Agata Bench Capper (Adds $33) Fermenter - Bucket 6.5 GallonBench bottle cappers are typically faster and more stable than double-handle cappers.

The Afgata Super Bench Capper has automatic height adjustment. Accommodates any bottle from 4” to 12” tall including champagne bottles.

Brew Pots:
20 qt. Brew Pot (Adds $39.99) Fermenter - Bucket 6.5 GallonYou will need a pot that can comfortably at least hold 3 gallons of liquid. Many brewers already have a have a pot fits the bill. Aluminum isn't recommended because it is reactive and can leech into the beer.

Our 20 quart (5 gallon) stockpot has stay cool handles. High dome vented lid. Durable non-porous surface will not chip, crack, peel or pit.
10 Gallon Bayou Classic Brew Pot (Adds $94.95) Fermenter - Bucket 6.5 GallonUsing a 10 gallon pot for 5 gallons batches allow you do a full wort boil, meaning you boil the entire volume instead of a concentrated amount. This will result in a more true to color beer (concentrated boils will caramelize more sugars) and will give you better hop utilizations. Aluminum isn't recommended because it is reactive and can leech into the beer.

The Bayou Classic 10 gallon dimensions are: 13.6" Diameter x 17.32" High. Lid is included. Durable non-porous surface will not chip, crack, peel or pit.

We guarantee you've decided to start the best hobby there is and we are here to make sure you have a great experience.

The base kit includes the following:

6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket with Bottling SpigotBottling Bucket - 6.5 GallonThe bottling Bucket has a spigot and is used for bottling your beer once it has finished fermenting. On bottling day, priming sugar (also called corn sugar and dextrose) is mixed with a small amount of water, dissolved on the stove and then is added to the bottling bucket. The beer is then siphoned into the the bottling bucket, allowing the priming sugar to mix with the beer.
6.5 Gallon Primary Fermenter with Drilled & Grommeted Lid & AirlockFermenter - Bucket 6.5 GallonMany brewers use a food grade plastic bucket with at least a 6.5 gallon capacity as the primary fermenter to ferment the wort (unfermented beer). This is a perfect size when brewing 5 gallon batches of beer and the large opening of the bucket makes the initial transferring of the wort much easier than transferring to a glass carboy (Glass water bottle).Lid - 6.5 Gallon Bucket (Grommetted)A lid with a grommetted hole and airlock is used to seal the fermenting bucket. An airlock is filled halfway with water to allow CO2 to escape while keeping bacteria and oxygen away from the beer.
Bottle FillerBottle Filler - Spring LoadedOnce the beer has been transferred to the bottling bucket, it is immediately bottled using the bottle filler. The bottle filler attaches to the tubing that is attached to the spigot and has a valve on the tip. The valve releases the beer into the bottle when pressed on the bottom of the bottle. Fill the beer to the very top of the bottle and remove bottle filler. The filler displaces the exact amount of air space needed to carbonate your beer. It is a very handy tool.
Auto-Siphon & TubingSiphon Racking Cane - Auto-siphon 1/2 The racking cane allows you to transfer your wort from one vessel to another. It is made of hard plastic and is shaped like a cane. The end of the cane has an anti-sediment tip that draws liquid from above so that sediment can be avoided while transferring. Tubing attaches to the racking cane and should reach to the bottom of the vessel you are transferring to so that it dos not splash and introduce unwanted oxygen into the beer. Our basic starter kits includes an auto-siphon, making the transferring of your wort a breeze.
HydrometerHydrometer - Beer/Wine Triple ScaleThe hydrometer allows you to take gravity readings that help determine the alcohol level of your beer and more importantly, it allows you to follow the progress of your fermenting beer to ensure it is working and to let you know when it is ready to bottle.
Twin Lever CapperBottle Capper - Red HeadGood basic bottle capper with metal jaws. Magnet helps keep cap in place.
Bottle Brush
Liquid Crystal Thermometer
BYO's Beginner's Guide to Brewing Beer
o2 Power Cleanse No Rinse Cleanser (1 lb package)


Bonus! Your first beer ingredient kit is on us! Choose from 4 kits.

71st Street Wheat

71st Street Wheat

This beer ingredient kit is inspired by Boulevard's Wheat Ale.

This wheat beer is a lively, refreshing ale with the natural citrus flavor and distinctive cloudy appearance that wheats are famous for. It is an easy drinking American style wheat beer.

Itsy Bitsy Hophead IPA
We LOVE hops. We LOVE session beers. We LOVE pictures of our granddaughter Ella. The result. A session IPA with Ella's picture on it!

This is another beer brewed using nothing but late addition hops.  By adding all the hops in the last fifteen minutes of the boil the bitterness is smooth, not harsh, allowing the malt flavor of this low alcohol beer to come through. The hop flavor and aromas are classic grapefruit and citrus. 

This beer is a hop bomb that you can drink several of and still be able to walk to the fridge and grab one more.

Drink up!
Kilkenny's Penny Red

Kilkenny's Penny Red

This beer ingredient kit is a classic Irish Red brewed by fellow FOAMer Jeff Swearengin.

The style of Irish Red is often attributed to the famous Smithwick's Ale brewed at the St. Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny, Ireland hence the reference in name. However, Jeff's original recipe was actually inspired by The Biddy Early's Red Biddy brewed in Inagh, County Clare, Ireland.

Kilkenny's Penny Red makes a great session beer to offer St. Patrick's Day revelers who might prefer something lighter than the usual stout offerings.


Penny Farthing Amber Ale

Penny Farthing Amber Ale

This beer ingredient kit is inspired by New Belgium's Fat Tire Amber Ale. The appeal of this beer is in its balance: Toasty malt flavors (sorta like biscuits just pulled from the oven) in balance with crisp hoppiness.

Turkey Mountain Pale Ale

Turkey Mountain Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada has, well... the Sierra Nevada's.

Tulsa has, well... Turkey Mountain. Okay, it's not a mountain. More like a big hill. But hey, it's all we got.

So when it came time to put together a kit honoring the beer that defined a style, we named it after the only "mountain" we have. The label honors Turkey Mountain with a painting of the Tulsa skyline from the top of our favorite big hill.

This beer ingredient kit is a clone of one of our "go-to" beers. Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale. Simple. Elegant. Not too bitter with the classic aroma and flavor of Cascade hops. The perfect beer for hop lovers on a hot summer afternoon.
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