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Dry or Liquid: Dry
Wine Recommendation: Reds
Fermentation Speed: Moderate
Relative nitrogen needs: Medium
MLF Compatibility: Recommended
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Lalvin RC-212
Lalvin RC-212
Lalvin Bourgorouge RC 212® was selected from fermentations in Burgundy by the BIVB to extract and protect the polyphenols of Pinot noir. Due to the limited adsorption of polyphenols on Lalvin Bourgorouge RC212® yeast cell walls, there is limited color loss and structure is protected during aging.

It requires high nutrient additions to avoid the potential development of sulfides and demonstrates best results when rehydrated with the right nutrient and protectant. This yeast consistently produces Pinot noir with good structure, ripe cherry, bright fruit and spicy characteristics.

Wines made with Lalvin Bourgorouge RC212® can be blended with wines made with Lalvin RA17® to achieve more complexity and finesse.

Description: To extract and protect the color, the structure during the maturing in barrels. it develops red fruits notes and spicy notes.

Process: YSEO®

Technical Data Sheet

Variety: Saccharomyces cerevisiae cerevisiae
Production of volatile acidity: Moderate
Production of SO2: Low
MLF Compatibility: Recommended
Lag phase: Moderate
Foam production: Low
Whites: Not really recommended
Reds: Strongly recommended
Rosé: Not really recommended
Late harvest: Not really recommended
Sensory effect: Enhances Varietal Character
Restart stuck: Not really recommended
Fermentation speed: Moderate
Temperature range: 18-30 °C (64--86 °F)
Competitive factor: Neutral
% vol: 16
Relative nitrogen needs: Medium
H2S production 60ppm: Very low
H2S production 170ppm: Very low
Reaction to O2 addition: No info Dosage: 20-40g/hL
Glycerol production: Moderate

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