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Dry or Liquid: Dry
Manufacturer: Lallemand
Attenuation: Moderate
Flocculation: Low-Med
Fermentation Range: Ale
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Lallemand Windsor Yeast
Lallemand Windsor Yeast
Windsor ale yeast is a true English strain that produces a beer which is estery to both palate and nose with a slight fresh yeasty flavor. Beers created with Windsor are usually described as full-bodied, fruity English ales. Brewers choose Windsor to produce beers that range from pale ale to porter with moderate alcohol levels and the flavor & aroma characteristics of the best traditional ales.

Depending on the composition of the recipe, Windsor demonstrates moderate attenuation which will leave a relatively high gravity (density). Recommended fermentation temperature range for Windsor is 17° to 21°C (64° to 70°F).
Windsor is available in 11 gram vacuum-sealed sachets and 500 gram vacuum-sealed packages.

Microbiological Properties:
  • Classified as Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
  • A top fermenting yeast.
  • The typical analysis of the active dried strain:
    • Percent solids 93%–95%
    • Living yeast cells 7 x 109 per gram of dry yeast
    • Wild yeast < 1 per 106 yeast cells (Lysine method)*
    • Bacteria < 1 per 106 yeast cells*

Finished product is released to the market only after passing a rigorous series of tests.
*According to ASBC and EBC methods of analysis.

Brewing Properties:
  • Quick start to fermentation, which can be completed in 3 days above 17°C.
  • Moderate attenuation, which will leave a relatively high gravity.
  • Fermentation rate, fermentation time and degree of attenuation is dependent on inoculation density, yeast handling, fermentation temperature and the nutritional quality of the wort.
  • Non-flocculent strain, but some settling can be promoted by cooling and use of fining agents and isinglass.
  • The aroma is estery to both palate and nose, and is usually described as a full-bodied, fruity British ale. Does not display malodours when properly handled. Windsor yeast has found great acceptance in producing strong-tasting bitter beer, stout, weizen and hefe weizen.
  • Best used at traditional ale temperatures after rehydration in the recommended manner.

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