SKU: 1664
Weight: 3 lbs 13 ozs
Brand: Muntons
Malt Format: Liquid Malt Extract
Malt Type: Amber
Maltster: Muntons
Price: $17.99
LME Muntons Amber
LME Muntons Amber
Liquid Malt Extract

Made from a blend of pale and crystal malts this product provides the ideal building block for Ale and Bitter style beers.

Typical analyses when canned
Colour (EBC Units)
16 - 20
Bitterness (EBU's)
Solids (by refractometer)
80% - 82%
Acidity (as lactic)
1% max
5 - 6
Free Amino Nitrogen
One of our best selling malt extracts.
3.3 lb tin
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