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Hot Sauce Tasting Kit
Hot Sauce Tasting Kit
Hot Sauce Tasting Kit
Hot Sauce Tasting Kit
Hot Sauce Tasting Kit
Hot Sauce Tasting Kit
Hot Sauce Tasting Kit
Hot Sauce Tasting Kit
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The Perfect Tasting Set for Hot Sauce Lovers

Two Artisan Hot Sauces

Marshall's Habanero Carrot Curry Hot Sauce

Marshall's Haute Sauce is based in Portland, Oregon, a place which is not typically known for its spicy food. It is well-known for its lively culinary scene, and I think that's where this sauce gets its soul. I've included a 4 oz. bottle of their "Habañero Carrot Curry," which is spicy, but not at all simplistic. The curry is a subtle flavor, and the carrot adds a nice bit of sweetness. This sauce is especially good with eggs and fresh tortillas, in my experience, where the sauce's complexity can really shine.

Horsetooth O-Face Habanero Hot Sauce

Horsetooth's "O-Face" is as near to a daily hot sauce as I have - it's got a great combination of sweetness (from cantaloupe and carrots) and bright habañero flavor that I think works well on just about anything, from chicken to rice and beans. I used to pick up a few bottles every time I flew through the Denver airport, but I bought some direct from the source for this kit, and I think you'll be as addicted to it as I am!

A Three-Pack of Tasting Journals

The kit also includes 3 copies of 33 Drops of Hot Sauce tasting journal. The journals each have space to record 33 different hot sauces, giving you space for a total of 99 hot sauce tasting experiences.

A Delightful Pen

The journals are accessorized with a traditional click-style, American-made ballpoint pen.

Red Hot Presentation-Ready Packaging

Hate wrapping gifts? No worries! The exterior box is screen-printed with a unique "hearts on fire" design that's great for gifting - much more impressive than a box of chocolates.

The insert inside the box was custom laser-cut to snugly hold the books and bottles in place for shipping, but with the split-fountain screen printing and spicy flame cut-outs, it looks so good you may want to save the box!

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