Honey │ Orange Blossom

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Honey  │ Orange Blossom
Honey │ Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom Honey brings the heavenly aroma of the orange groves right to your table. For years, beekeepers have brought their hives to the blossoming orange groves of Florida and California in the early spring so that the honey bees can collect the fragrant nectar.

The beekeepers take great care to keep the Orange Blossom Honey separate from the other spring honey and quickly extract this golden liquid as soon as the trees lose their blossoms.

Orange Blossom Honey's unique fragrance makes it an unforgettable honey.

Perfect for meads and in your favorite recipe.

Raw honey may crystallize. This is completely normal and the honey is just fine. Heating it will dissolve the sugars back into a pourable state.

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