Heating Element │ 5500 Watt SS │ Ripple │ TC Integrated

SKU: Element5500_Ripple_TC
Weight: 2 lbs
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Heating Element │ 5500 Watt SS │ Ripple │ TC Integrated
Heating Element │ 5500 Watt SS │ Ripple │ TC Integrated
The traditional way to get an element into a TC port is to use an adapter such as Brewharware's Hot Pod ETC which then has to be hardwired to a cord. These Ripple TC elements don't have screw in bases but are welded right to a 1.5" TC flange. Not only that, but the electrical connection is made by integrated NEMA L6-30P blades. You can twist an L6-30R cord end right on. This gives you the ability to disconnect at the pot rather than drag the cord around.

You will need a 1.5" TC port on your kettle. There are several different ways to get that done; weld ferrule, solder ferrule, and weldless. This element does not include a gasket, clamp or TC port for your kettle. They are available separately.

Element length is approximately 14.25" Long to the TC flange.

Everything is 304 High polish stainless steel.

These are made in China. Warranty is 6 months from date of purchase and does NOT cover damage due to dry firing. These elements must be submerged in liquid any time power is applied.
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