Heat Exchange Re-circulating Mash Systems (HERMS)

HERMS stands for Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System. With a HERMS setup a heat exchanger is immersed in the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) and a pump circulates wort from the mash tun through the heat exchanger then back into the mash to maintain the mash temperature.

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Our electric HERMS package includes the EBC II, EBC III, or EBC III-D (Electric Brewery Control modules), a heat exchanger in the HLT, a Chugger pump to transfer from HLT to the Mash Tun (MT) and recirculate the wort in the mash tun, High Flow Quick-Connectors, 15 ft. of reinforced vinyl tubing and more.

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Features infinite power control of high energy heating elements Control 6000W heating elements for systems up 40 gallons Provides manual controls Supports thermostatic controllers. Provides quick disconnects for all electrical connections.

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Now you can use the 4500W Stainless Steel ultra-low watt density heating elements in your kettle whether you want to brew 5 or 10 gallons. This is the best combination of watt density and material for your boil kettle. You can "turn it up to 11" until you reach a boil, and then dial it back to exactly whatever you need. For larger brewing systems, this unit will control elements up to 6000W.


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