G01 Stefon

SKU: G01
Weight: 0 lbs 12 ozs
Strain Type: German Ales
Dry or Liquid: Liquid
Manufacturer: Imperial Organinc
Attenuation: Moderate
Flocculation: Low
Fermentation Range: Ale
Price: $12.99
G01 Stefon
G01 Stefon
Brewers love this traditional hefeweizen strain for any of their weizen beer needs.

This is a traditional German hefeweizen strain used to produce world-class Weizen beers. Balanced with mild clove and prominent banana esters, this strain will produce amazing beers. Stefon produces a slightly higher level of acidity to give your beer a super crisp finish. Slightly underpitching will help increase the banana character.

Assumed Origin: Weihenstephan

3068 Weihenstephan

Temp: 63-73F, 17-23C
Flocculation: Low
Attenuation: 73-77%

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