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Why use Fermentis Yeast?

With advances in technology, the quality and range of brewing materials available to the home brewer has improved dramatically. To obtain the best results, it is necessary to use high quality yeast.

Fermentis has developed a range of high performing dry yeast to provide a reliable yeast source to the home brewer as used by the professional brewers of the world. Fermentis dry yeast now offer a true alternative to liquid yeast cultures as the need for expensive shipping and packaging has been replaced by a nitrogen flushed sachet with a two year shelf life.

The dry yeast is easy to rehydrate as the wort is being prepared by the brewer. High yeast activity and correct yeast pitching levels will ensure that the fermentation starts rapidly and goes to completion in the desired time thereby reducing the risk of bacterial or wild yeast infection damaging the flavor or appearance of the beer. As the yeast is stable for up to two years, the brewer can always have a supply of yeast available to use as and when required.

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