Eclipse Italian Piedmont Barolo with Grape Skins

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Weight: 49 lbs
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Wine Kit Timeframe: 8 Week Wine Kit
Wine Body: Full
Wine Color: Red
Wine Sweetness: Dry
Oak Intensity: Heavy
Labels: Included
Grape Origin: Italy
Wine Varietal: Barolo
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Eclipse Italian Piedmont Barolo with Grape Skins
Eclipse Italian Piedmont Barolo with Grape Skins
Appellation: Alba, Piedmont, Italy

Style: Barolo is the undisputed champion of Italian reds, dubbed ‘The King of Wines and the Wine of Kings’. Piedmont’s Alba region is Italy’s westernmost, bordering Switzerland and France—the local dialect is the same ‘Langue d’Oc’ from the French side of the border. Piedmont means ‘foothills’, and the elevation makes for cold winters, warm dry summers and cool foggy conditions during Autumn harvest.

Nebbiolo grapes take their name from these fogs (nebbia). Notoriously demanding to grow (and rarely seen outside the Piedmont), they require sheltered south-facing sites with well-drained calcareous marl (chalky) soils, and Alba has the Piedmont’s best, yielding grapes with high tannins, good extract and very importantly for this long-lived style, bracing acidity for structure and ageability.

A burly and assertive wine with dark cherry iridescence. Intense and robust with notes of strawberries, a hint of dark tar, and floral aroma complemented by rich, earthy truffles.

Similar Styles: Selection Original Barolo Style

Food Pairings: Braised beef and lamb dishes, charcuterie, game dishes, grilled steak, and any dish with truffles.

Aging: Drinking Eclipse Barolo under one year of age will yield swinging tannins and intense dryness, but to experience the rose and strawberry notes will require 12-18 months of age, with violets, tar and truffles coming in, developing deeper, fuller notes (and a magnificently long finish).

Oak: 60g Premium / 90g Premium American Cubes

18 liters (16L juice and 2L wet grape skin pack)/ 4.2 US Gallons, Yields 23 liters/ 6 US Gallons.
Ready to bottle in 8 weeks.
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