DME │Muntons Extra Light

SKU: 1800
Weight: 1 lbs
Brand: Muntons
Malt Format: Dry Malt Extract
Malt Type: Amber
Maltster: Muntons
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Dry Malt Extract

Extra Light -great for all beer styles. Adds extra body and richness. Especially useful when brewing American Style Beers and Light Lagers.
Typical analyses
Colour (EBC Units)
Bitterness (EBU's)
Moisture (when packed)
7.5% max.
5 - 6
Spraymalt will improve the quality of any beer kit when used in place of sugar. It will brew beers which are less 'dry', with more richness, body and improved head formation and retention. Hopped Spraymalt will add an extra 'hoppy' bite to all the beers you make.
Suggested uses:
Replace 50/50 with sugar - 1/2 kg (1 lbs) sugar plus 1/2 kg Spraymalt (1 lb). Use this in any beer kit recipe which suggests the addition of 1 kg of sugar. This recipe will help dramatically in improving the overall quality and flavour of your beer.
Substitute 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of Spraymalt for all the sugar recommended in the beer kit recipe. Simply substitute the Spraymalt for the 1 kg of sugar stated in the beer kit recipe. This will brew beer of the highest quality transforming any standard beer kit into a premium kit with a particularly high percentage of malt. 
Add one pound of Spraymalt to any standard recipe in addition to the 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of sugar suggested with the beer kit. This will not only boost the malt flavour but also brew a stronger beer without destroying the beer's natural character. The beer brewed will be approximately 20% stronger than the standard recipe.
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