DME │ Briess Sparkling Amber

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Brand: Muntons
Nice extract for red ales, or as a base for dark beers containing chocolate malt, black patent etc.
Malt Format: Dry Malt Extract
Malt Type: Amber
Maltster: Briess
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CBW® Sparkling Amber

Dry Malt Extract
Lovibond: 8.0-13.0
FAN: 280ppm
Unique Characteristics/Applications:
79% fermentable. This rich malty, caramel-flavored extract is excellent when used alone or with specialty malts for extract brewing. It is also well suited for boosting gravity and color adjustment in all-grain beers.
Ingredients: Base Malt, Caramel Malt 60L, Munich Malt.
Briess Sparkling Amber is brewer's grade pure malt extract. What makes them brewer's grade? The most distinguishing characteristic is a high degree of fermentability and FAN. Briess malt extracts deliver both.
These characteristics can only be achieved in a brewhouse-style extraction process, as opposed to other styles of extraction processes. At Briess, they employ multiple step infusion brewing to develop high levels of fermentability and FAN. Then, they concentrate the wort to about 80% solids using gentle vacuum evaporation. The lower temperatures employed during this evaporation process lessen the color development in the finished extract.
Unhopped and nondiastatic, CBW® pure malt extracts are exceptionally full flavored and consistent. They're also fresh because they are produced and shipped from America's Heartland, not some foreign port.
Use for:
  • Increasing capacity and boosting productivity
  • Boosting gravity
  • Improving body and head retention
  • Yeast propagation
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