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Corkscrew - Planetary Gears
Corkscrew - Planetary Gears
Corkscrew - Planetary Gears
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Wine enthusiasts will roam the ends of the Earth for a gizmo this great.

The everyday uses for science are endless, but one of the highlights has to be easier wine opening through physics. This corkscrew works on the principle of planetary gears – the same mechanisms used in automatic transmissions and electric screwdrivers. The center gear, or the "sun,” engages all three outside "planet" gears for maximum efficiency. The 6:1 gear ratio, ruggedness and high torque are ideal for the removal of tight fitting bottle corks.

Fun to use and fun to watch, the stainless steel gears work on real and synthetic corks. Great for folks with weak hands – or that klutzy friend who always manages to break the cork in the wine.

Measures 7” x 5.2” x 10.8”, with stainless steel gears.
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