Cold Pack for Liquid Yeast

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Cold Pack for Liquid Yeast
Cold Pack for Liquid Yeast
Some of our customers request that we ice liquid yeast for shipping. While it isn't necessary to achieve a good ferment, the yeast will be in better health when it arrives at your door.

While you can still achieve a good ferment without paying for the ice, the yeast will most likely have increased viability if shipped with ice which means a faster start.

In the extreme heat of the summer it is recommended that you purchase an ice pack. High Gravity will not guarantee the viability of yeast unless it is purchased with an ice pack.

Faster starts reduce lag times and the risk off flavors.

Our ice packs are generally much larger than other homebrew stores. One pack is good for at least 4 yeasts. We also wrap our ice packs with Mylar covered bubble wrap which improves insulation.

The ice and insulation will keep yeast cool for 1-3 days depending on temperatures. This at least extends the time they stay cool while in transit to you.
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