BrewCommander 1 Bbl gallon 2-Vessel

2-Vessel System based on 55 gallon vessels. Great for 25 - 35+ gallon batches. High Performance, Shorter Brew Day.

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Standard Features
Electric Brewery Controllers: Blichmann BrewCommander™ 240V
Electric Brewery Controllers: BrewCommander™ Relay Module
Plumbing Package: Plumbing Package with Cam-lock Connectors
Pumps: Pump │ RipTide™
Mash Tuns: 55 Gallon │ BoilerMaker™ G2 Mash Tun
Mash Tun Options: Autosparge
Brew Kettles: 55 Gallon │ BoilerMaker™ G2 Electric
Chillers: Chiller │ Plate │ Therminator™
Brewing Systems: Blichmann Systems
Capacity: 10 Gallons
Manufacturer: Blichmann
Price: $3,329.87
BrewCommander 1 Bbl gallon 2-Vessel
BrewCommander 1 Bbl gallon 2-Vessel
Weight: 0 lbs 1 ozs
Let us put together a complete kit that you can assemble in an hour or so.

2V configuration saves time, space, and money.  Knock out a batch in 4 hours from start to finish, all cleaned up. 
A pair of 5750W BoilCoil heating elements in the kettle for high performance mashing and boiling.  Great for 1 Bbl gallon batches of just about any gravity.
AutoSparge keeps liquid level in the vessel where you set it, while recirculating from the mash tun to the kettle, and from the kettle back to the mash tun in an infinity loop with two pumps.

The 14 inch Spincycle Whirlpool return in the kettle installs above the max liquid level, and drops the output down to a perfect height to get the wort spinning in a nice whirlpool.

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Caution: BrewCommander lacks a double-pole relay. The heat output receptacle remains live on one leg, even with the switch in the Off position. Treating it as a live wall outlet reduces the risk. This is also true of the Relay module. With a Relay Module added, reverse polarity of wiring between two wall outlets could result in both hot legs live on the worktable with the switches Off.

High Gravity assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by operation of this system.

Please note that these are custom built at the time of ordering. Delivery may take up to 15 business days. OVERNIGHT SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE.

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