Brew Kettle Bag │ Polyester BIAB

Weight: 1 lbs
Price: $29.95
  • Size:
Polyester voile BIAB bags are triple stitched with polyester thread, are very strong and are capable of lifting the largest of grain bills easily, yet also permit nice runoff of the brewing wort.

Bags come with strong (200 lb break) nylon cord drawstring, with cord lock pull to cinch bag over and around kettle top rim, keeping the bag secure to the kettle for easy mashing. The drawstring can be easily and securely attached to a pulley hoist for grain bag removal.

Use again and again - NOT a throw away bag

Hand wash and drip dry

Made by Wilserbrewer BIAB Bags, they have been satisfying homebrewers, homebrew shops and several small breweries since 2011 when the BIAB method gained a foothold in the USA. Durable and reasonably priced polyester voile BIAB Bags will last through many batches. They even have customers report brewing over 100 batches and they are still going strong.

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