Bootleg Biology FerMENTORS │ Black Project

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Bootleg Biology FerMENTORS │ Black Project
Bootleg Biology FerMENTORS │ Black Project
FerMENTORS Black Project Spontaneous Ales Culture

Availability: Core culture. Available with every homebrew culture presale release (3 times per year)

Source: A unique blend of wild yeast and lbactic acid acteria (LAB) curated by Black Project Spontaneous Ales in Denver, CO, USA

Black Project Spontaneous Ales is the creator of world-class beers Dreamland, Shadow Factory, Jumpseat and Stargate.

This culture is a rare mix of microbes sourced from the Denver brewery’s coolship and wild yeast living on Colorado-grown Riesling grape skins used for beer production.

Expect a short, clean-tasting initial phase, with Brett funk and acid developing over multiple months.

Black Project Spontaneous Ales  Culture is ideal for a wide range of Belgian and farmhouse ale styles like grisettes, saisons and American wild ales. Visit the official recipe page for inspiration when using this culture.


"The FerMENTORS Series features house yeast and bacteria cultures from our favorite mixed-fermentation breweries. From spontaneous, local terroir to artfully inoculated fermentations, these cultures were carefully curated by the best of the best in wild and sour brewing. Never commercially released before, these unique cultures are the building blocks of world-class beers that you can now recreate in your brewery."

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