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Blichmann Tower of Power™ Control Module Gas

Manufacturer: Blichmann
Price: $584.95
Blichmann Tower of Power™ Control Module Gas
Blichmann Tower of Power™ Control Module Gas
Weight: 8 lbs
Control Enclosure - each control enclosure includes the following:
    • Ultra high precision and accuracy PID controller and Class A precision RTD temp sensor. Sensor can be installed in any 1/2" hole in your pot for a HLT or into any 1/2" NPT fitting with the included adapter bushing.
    • A pilotless electronic ignition control system that adapts to ANY burner (gas or propane) not just ours! This ignitor will instantly relight your burner if blown out by a wind, and will shut down your gas if a flame is not detected within 10 sec and will sound an alarm. Includes industrial ignition electrode and high quality silicone/carbon fiber ignition wire.
    • US made gas solenoid valve (installs on your burner gas supply)
    • Data port for optional remote monitoring and mash profile programming (unlimited profiles) on your PC (optional com cable required)
    • Convenient cable storage tray in the back of the enclosure to neatly store wires between uses.
    • Includes a decal for MASH and one for HLT so you can label appropriately.
    • Compact enclosure is 4.25"W, 7"H, 7"D - easy to integrate into your brew system
    • Brushed stainless cover and gloss black powder coated case will look beautiful for years
  • Cleanup is a breeze! All you need is a bottling bucket.
  • Optional mounting kit for TopTier owners to permanantly install the unit onto your stand!
  • Gloss black powder coated tower will look beautiful for years.

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