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Azacca® Hops
Azacca® Hops
Azacca® (ADHA 483) Hops, named for the Haitian god of agriculture, is a hop big in citrus and tropical fruit tones. Its excellent aromatic qualities have quickly made Azacca® a go-to hop for late and dry hop additions in varying styles of beer.

Alpha Acids:
    Pellet Hops - 14-16%

Beta Acids: 4.0-5.5%


Total Oil: 1.6-2.5 mL / 100g

Myrcene: 46-55% of total oil

Humulene: 14-18% of total oil

Caryophyllene: 8-12% of total oil

Farnesene: < 1% of total oil


mango; papaya; orange; grapefruit; lemon; piney; spicy; pineapple; grassy; tropical fruit; citrus

Possible Substitutions


Typical Beer Styles
American Pale Ales
India Pale Ales
Strong Ales

Additional Information
Developed by the Hop Breeding Company and released in 2007.

Storage Stability
~75% alpha remaining after 6 months

General Trade Perception
One of the most popular new varieties, known for its intense flavor and aroma characteristics

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