Altbier: History, Brewing Techniques and Recipes

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Altbier: History, Brewing Techniques and Recipes
  • By Hosrt Dornbusch
  • Paperback: 189 pages
  • Publisher: Brewers Publications (May 25, 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0937381624
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Book Description
Altbier is considered Germany's oldest and most famous beer style. This book explains how monks and nuns brewed it in Düsseldorf centuries ago, and how to brew one today. Altbier covers brewing processes, flavor profile, recipes and much more.

From the Back Cover
"Who says there's no such thing as a German ale? Eat your lederhosen! If you think the German beer land is just a lager land, think again, jawohl!"--from the preface

Brewed centuries ago by monks and nuns, this copper-colored, full-bodied ale has a proud and unbroken brewing tradition dating back to the beginning of civilization. Horst Dornbusch sheds light on the practices of commercial altbier makers, how the equipment and ingredients used affect its flavor, and how this full-bodied brew became one of Germany's most beloved beer styles. Recipes are included!

Brewers Publications Classic Beer Style Series is devoted to offering in-depth information on world-class beer styles by exploring their history, flavor profiles, brewing methods, recipes, and ingredients.

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