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Acid │ Tartaric 1 lb
Acid │ Tartaric 1 lb
For winemaking:
Preferred acid for adjusting acid levels in wine. 3.8g per gallon adjusts acidity by +.1%. As a note: some tartaric acid will drop out of suspension as potassium bitartrate if you are doing any cold stabilization. You might want to re-test total acidity after cold stabilization.

For cheesemaking:
Tartaric Acid is used for making Mascarpone, an Italian soft cheese which is made from cream and has a rich velvety texture with a sweet delicate flavor. Mascarpone is used as a cream with fruit and cakes as well as in many dessert recipes.

DIRECTIONS: Use as directed in recipe.

STORAGE: Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place.

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