SKU: A49
Weight: 0 lbs 12 ozs
Strain Type: Norwegian Kveik
Dry or Liquid: Liquid
Manufacturer: Imperial Organinc
Attenuation: High
Flocculation: High
Fermentation Range: Ale
Price: $9.99
 A49 Bartleby
A49 Bartleby
Bartleby is a hornindal Kveik strain that is a great choice for anything from a traditional Norwegian farmhouse ale to a hazy IPA. When used on the high end of the temperature range, Bartleby will produce a lot of pineapple, apricot and peach aromas. The ability to run this yeast at higher fermentation temperatures along with its high flocculation properties make it a great strain for fast turnaround times. This strain is not a part of our core availability line up, please call or email for lead time and specifics.

A43 Loki
A44 Kveiking

Assumed Origin: NA

Temp: 68–98°F (20–37°C)
Flocculation: High
Attenuation: 75-85%
Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

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