SKU: A34
Weight: 0 lbs 12 ozs
Dry or Liquid: Liquid
Manufacturer: Imperial Organinc
Attenuation: High
Flocculation: Med-High
Fermentation Range: Ale
Price: $9.99
A34 Julius
A34 Julius
Esters of oranges, lemons, and apricots combine to create a hop forward beer.

Traditional American IPAs are Julius' specialty. Bright citrus notes of orange and lemon along with light apricot-like esters come through with low to moderate hopping rates to make a perfectly balanced beer. The high flocculation characteristics of this strain make it easy to work with and produce bright, crisp ales. Excellent choice for a house ale strain but also a great yeast for a hazy IPAs when combined with southern hemisphere hops.

A07 Flagship
A15 Independence

Assumed Origin: NA

Temp: 64–68°F (18-20°C)
Flocculation: HIgh
Attenuation: 72-78%

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