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Brewing Systems

A Deal to Get Pumped About

Daydreaming about that Wort Hog Brewing System but you REALLY REALLY want the Riptide Pump?

We have good new and bad news.     The bad news first...

The highly popular Blichmann RipTide pump is expected to begin shipping again in the next few weeks but it will likely take several weeks to fulfill exisitng orders and new orders will be on a first come first served basis for the for the remainder of the year.

Perhaps you haven’t ordered that system yet because you know you want that pump.

The good news...

The brewing must go on.

Order any system with a Blichmann RipTide pump and get a loaner. We will send Chugger SS Inline or Topsflo TD5 pumps in place of the RipTide pumps that you can return later. We’ll even cover the cost of the return.

Also, look for a sweet sale on slightly used pumps in the next few months.

Offer good on brewing system sales only. Not valid when only purchasing the pump.

For information on electric brewing, click here.

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