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White Labs Melbourne Ale Yeast (July-Aug)

Manufacturer: White Labs
Dry or Liquid: Liquid
Attenuation: Moderate-High
Flocculation: Medium
Fermentation Range: Ale
Price: $7.95
White Labs Melbourne Ale Yeast (July-Aug)
White Labs Melbourne Ale Yeast (July-Aug)
Weight: 0 lbs 3 ozs
Product Details
This is a Platinum Strain and is released in July-August

A yeast isolated from Australia in the early 1900s. 

Check out Peter Symon's new book "Bronzed Brews" for recipes and more information on the strain.  Peter has supplied the following recipe from 1916 for this strain: 1916 Tooths Pale Ale

Attenuation: 74-78%
Flocculation: Medium
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 63-74°F (19-22°C)

Please note: It is highly recommended that a cold pack be purchased when ordering liquid yeast. High Gravity cannot guarantee the viability of liquid yeast if it fails to work unless it was purchased with a cold pack. You can add it to the order by checking the cold pack box near the bottom of the page before adding the yeast to the cart.

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