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Pale Ale Malt - Weyermann® - 55lb

Pale Ale Malt - Weyermann® - 55lb
Pale Ale Malt - Weyermann® - 55lb
SKU: WEY100255LB
Weight: 56 lbs
Maltster: Weyermann®
Grain Type: Bulk Bags
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The 125-year-old malt house housing Mich. Weyermann® & Co. KG Malzfabrik is a protected historic site. But behind the red-brick turn-of-the-century exterior lies the modernized heart of the world's leading manufacturer of specialty brewing malts. Presided over by Sabine Weyermann, a fourth-generation member of the founding family, and her husband, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, the company benefits as much from its roots in the past as it does from its modern malting practices.

For over a century, Mich. Weyermann® has been pursuing a policy of providing customizable, brand name specialty malts to breweries large and small, first in Bamberg and nearby regions, and currently to customers in virtually every continent of the world. Aided by new facilities and equipment, the company is better able than ever to serve its more than 900 plus customers worldwide. Tradition and up-to-date training are personified by the husband/wife team, both of whom graduated from the Weihenstephan school in nearby Munich, where Weyermann® products are sampled by master brewers-to-be from all over the world.

Weyermann Pale Ale produces superb Lagers & Ales. Used for for all beer types, Ale, Stout & Porter.
Brewer's Malt
% Max.
Color °L
Total Max.
FG Dry
Rate %
Pale Ale
to 100

Large bags are not available crushed.

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