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High Gravity's Ingredient Kits

High Gravity's Ingredient Kits
High Gravity's extract kits use only the highest quality ingredients and are assembled when you order so they contain the freshest possible ingredients. Each kit makes 5 gallons.

Extract kits contain malt extract along with specialty grains. Extract kits rely on the malt extract to provide the fermentable sugars and the grains are primarily for color and flavor. This is the most common type of beer kit and is recommended for those who are just getting started or those that want to make a great tasting beer without a lot of effort.

All-grain kits eliminate the extract and completely rely on the grains to produce the fermentable sugars needed to make the beer. Additional equipment is required, such as a mash tun and hot liquor tank. This method also requires that the entire volume be boiled so a 40qt pot is recommended to boil the wort (pre-fermented beer).

All-grain brewing is the most advanced method for brewing beer and is recommended for those that have had some experience brewing extract kits.

Yeast Options: Our High Gravity kits do not include the yeast by default. This way you can select the yeast your would prefer. Liquid yeasts provide a wider range of flavor profiles but are very susceptible to temperature variations. This can cause problems when shipping during very hot weather. Dry yeast, however, will not be damaged in transport because of weather conditions. You may also want to choose your own yeast. If so, you can select the "No Yeast" Option.

Ice Pack: When shipping liquid yeast, an ice pack is highly recommended, especially during hot weather to help ensure the viability of the liquid yeast. There is an additional cost of $1.00. High Gravity will not guarantee the viability of liquid yeast shipped without a cold pack.
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