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Blichmann Fermenators™

Blichmann Fermenators™
NEW!  Blichmann Engineering has added modular extensions to thier Fermenator™ line of conical fermentors.  Increase the capacity of your 14 gallon Fermenator™ to 25 gallons gross, your 27 gallon Fermenator™ to 60 gallons gross, and your 42 gallon Fermenator™ to a massive 80 gallons gross. 

Worried about bacteria hiding in your conical fermentor’s welds? Or porosity you find in all welds, which can cause leaks? The Fermenator™ from Blichmann Engineering is the only weld-free interior fermentor on the market. The surface where the fittings penetrate is smooth, with no weld "ripples," so it's easy to sanitize. With weld-free fittings, you get the peace of mind that comes with clean, bacteria-free beer.

Note - the optional extensions are rolled and welded construction, but are 100% US made and welded and ground on precision robotic machinery.
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